Shipping Details

This online shopping site is simple so we have to do some manual overrides if you would like us to ship it at the 'cheapest option' Please read and let us know your option by entering a message where it says "special instructions to seller" just before hitting the checkout button.  If cheapest option is indicated (manually by you), you will be refunded the difference in shipping cost once we process your order. 

Shipping Costs

  • Cheapest Option: Orders under 100g in Canada are $3 and up to 199g is $5. These are sent letter mail without tracking and the customer takes responsibility if the item gets lost in the mail. 
  • If you want tracking on on your package, you pay the price the website calculates. 
  • All orders over 200g automatically get sent sent as a parcel and have tracking built into the price shown on the website. 

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS : the shipping price charged by the website does not include tracking. Sorry, but that is a limitation of the website platform we are using. The customer accepts responsibility for having the seeds imported into their country and any conditions that may apply. Naramata Seed Company is not responsible for packages that get confiscated at the border.

PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU WANT THE CHEAPEST OPTION IN THE "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER" JUST BEFORE HITTING CHECKOUT.  We will provide you with a partial refund to reflect the difference in postal charges but Naramata Seed Company is not responsible for any item that may gets lost in the mail. 

Approximate Weights of Items

  • Large packages of heavy seed (pea, bean, corn) can weigh up to 115g each
  • Large packages of light seed (lettuce, leek, kale) weigh up to 20g each
  • Regular sized packages of heavy seed can weigh up 25g 
  • Regular sized packages of light seed up to 10g 


Please avoid asking questions via email that can be found on the website, this will only slow your order down.  Keep in mind the farm is off-grid and email is checked only a couple of times a month. 

Also, we are not offering a delivery service at this time. 


Thank you!